Roster Artist & Affiliate Application

The Roster Artist program is open to all individual artists, performers, certified teachers and educators. The Affiliate program is open to all non-profit organizations and businesses.

Roster Artist Fees:
Individual Artist/ Performer: $50
Certified Teacher/Educator: $40

Affiliate Fees:
Non-Profit Organization: $90
Business: $150

Don’t forget! Your Roster/Affiliate fee also includes a myriad of opportunities and benefits such as:

  • Online profile on our website in the Roster/Affiliate directory.
  • Marketing opportunities through our Social Media and Website Calendar
  • Opportunities to participate in periodic WVA exhibitions and events
  • Special discounts for art exhibit submissions, vendor booth space (WVA events) and more
  • Numerous networking opportunities
  • Invitations to attend workshops, training, and artist presentations

Fill out the application below or call WVA at 623-584-2626 to become a Roster Artist or Arts Affiliate.

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