Arts Education

West Valley Arts (WVA) has long been a champion for arts education and its goals to enhance student academic, social, and emotional development. Our service to the West Valley’s educational system becomes more and more critical as arts programs and funding decline.

Our arts education programs serve to support students, teachers and districts. WVA offers Arts Advantage, Professional Development, and a combination of both in our Arts Education Partnerships.  Overall, we believe our programs will positively impact students’ creative thinking, curiosity, and inclusivity!

Arts Advantage:

Arts Advantage is a series of 60-minute live, culturally diverse, arts performances for fourth grade students from West Valley schools. Students learn from, interact with, and enjoy educational yet entertaining, kid-friendly performances such as: Native American hoop dancing, multi-lingual opera, African drumming, and Flamenco.

For the 2020-2021 school year, we expanded our series to include interactive digital videos to give our students even more arts & culture exposure while also fulfilling AZDES standards. Our Arts Advantage videos come equipped with a comprehensive teacher guideline, an engaging student activity, and an entertaining performance.

Overall, these diverse performances serve to teach every young mind to explore new ideas, experience the arts and celebrate different cultures!

To learn more about Arts Advantage, go here!

Professional Development:

Our Professional Development sessions strive to support the efforts of administrators and teachers by providing quality training and workshops in person and virtually. WVA connects schools with expert teaching artists in music, visual arts, and general arts education to further support West Valley students. The ongoing music and arts training we provide to teachers trickles back into classrooms and improves the way children learn and experience the arts.

To learn more about Professional Development, go here!

Arts Education Partnership (AEP):

Our Arts Education Partnerships with Arizona Elementary School Districts exist to support their arts education departments throughout the school year.

  • 5 Key points Arts Education Partnership will address:
      • Invest in district, schools, staff, students, parents, community, and businesses
      • Contribute to increasing student achievement
      • Serves to enrich and enhance current school programs with outside resources
      • Assist in integrating the Arts into Arizona College and Career Ready standards/Common Core, STEAM and other local, national and international best practices
      • Introduce students to diverse and inclusive art forms and cultures through performances, lessons and activities
  • Primary Services
    • Up to 8 Professional Development Sessions a School Year
    • 4 Free Arts Advantage Virtual Performances
    • Arts Education Connections, Exposure and MORE!